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Making sense of California's campaign finance data.

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These lines begin with each campaign or ballot measure's last reported cash-on-hand and then adds late contributions. This provides a measure of the resources a campaign has at its disposal. But, keep in mind that campaigns are always spending money, which we can't see. This also does not include all contributions, as campaigns are only required to report contributions over $1,000 in the final stretch of an election. For ballot measures, all committees supporting or opposing a measure are summed together. See the Notes tab for more information.

Past Three Days' Reported Contributions

Top Late Contributors - Norby (R)
CA Republican Party$56,500.00
Chris Norby$30,000.00
Ca Real Estate PAC - Crepac$5,800.00
Ca New Car Dealer Assn Pac$4,900.00
Connie Conway For Assembly 2012$3,900.00
Fieldstead & Company$3,900.00
Frank Greinke$3,900.00
Chevron Policy Govt & Public Affairs$3,900.00
Pechanga Band Of Luiseno Indians$3,900.00
Tax Fighters For Anderson$3,900.00
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Top Late Contributors - Quirk-silva (D)
Los Angeles County Democratic Party$127,200.00
Sacramento County Democratic Central Committee$60,000.00
Democratic Central Committee Of Marin$45,000.00
Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee$35,000.00
Kern County Democratic Central Committee$15,000.00
Democratic Party Of Orange County$10,000.00
Ca State Council Of Laborers Pac$7,800.00
Professional Engineers In CA Government$7,800.00
CA Teachers Assn. / Assn. For Better Citizenship$7,800.00
Faculty For Our University's Future Sponsored By The CA Faculty Association$7,800.00
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IEs supporting a candidate or ballot measure are counted as positive dollar amounts; IEs opposing a candidate are counted as negative dollar amounts. An initial expenditure in support raises a candidate's line, but a if some other group spends in opposition to that candidate, it knocks that candidate's line back down.

Past Three Days' Reported IEs

Top Independent Spenders
Jobspac, A Bi-partisan Coalition Of CA Employers$96,090.00
CA Conservative Pac$17,904.00
Yes We Can$7,649.02
Democratic Foundation Of Orange County$1,135.04

  1. There is no partisan angle to Dollar, Dollar, Bill. It's true that I work in state politics as a Democrat, but this project is completely objective and without commentary.
  2. The data driving these charts is derived from the Secretary of State's website. So the quality of my data is only as good as what I can get from them, and they are known for making mistakes. Additionally, filers often make mistakes and/or report late. Sometimes dustups like this happen, which can skew data. But -- if you see an error and really think it's my fault, let me know.
  3. Data in the Campaign Resources tab does not represent all of the money a campaign has on a given day, but it is the best estimate we can make. Campaigns are periodically required to disclose the amount of cash-on-hand they have (schedule). In addition to those reports, during the 90 days before Election Day, campaigns must report contributions totaling $1,000 or more within 24 hours of receiving them. These are commonly referred to as "late contributions." The Campaign Resources chart plots each campaign's last official cash-on-hand amount and adds each day's reported late contributions. This gives the best possible estimate of how much cash a campaign has on a given day. For ballot measures in that tab, all of the committees supporting or opposing a ballot measure are summed together and the same summation is done.
  4. This project is wholly unconnected with my job at the Legislature. It's also run on my own server and received no public money.

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