What happens when a guy who knows UNIX systems gets into politics? From the Cav Daily:

In the wake of a discovery that members of Student Council accessed the elections database during last week’s University elections, Council agreed Sunday to allow a member of the Honor Committee to oversee the run-off election for Council president and to change the access code to the voting database.


University Democrats Vice President Ryan Hughes discovered the questionable logon Friday evening after noting that someone had been logged onto the Council server as the Council Voting Administrator since 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 18 — the day voting began.

Hughes said he traced the login to fourth-year College student Daniel Haspel’s Lawn room using Haspel’s IP address.

Haspel was the previous voting administrator and logged in using last year’s password, which had not been changed. Haspel said Sunday that, as an integral system administrator, he was allowed by the election committee to monitor the election results in order to check for technical errors.

Though he acknowledged receiving vote tallies for the reading days referendum from Haspel during the election, Council President Micah Schwartz said he was not aware Haspel was logged on to the server before being confronted with Hughes’ discovery.